15 Anime That Are Really Hard to Describe to Our Friends


Whether it’s online or face-to-face, one of the easiest ways to get anime recommendations is through friends. But, what if an anime is just way too absurd to describe? Wouldn’t you look crazy or undersell the series? Here are some anime that fall into that category.


1JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

A generational tale of a fabulous family using their imagination to fight fabulous vampires, hand fetishists, drug lords, dinosaurs, the president, and collecting Jesus’ corpse.



Aliens invade feudal Japan and modernize it (but outlaw swords), and follows the not-so-sane adventures of a manga loving samurai, an alien girl, and a pair of glasses.



A trio of schoolgirls get caught up in madness which includes a talking cat, a principal suplexing a deer and a robot that houses desserts in her arms.


4Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

A group of hair rebels fights against the fascist rule of baldies.



A two-hour long music video of The Pillows about the struggles of puberty and eyebrows.


6Yurikuma Arashi

Two lesbian bears fall in love with a human who hates bears.


7Puella Magi Madoka Magica

It’s about magical girls and the importance of lawyering up before signing a contract.



Gang warfare, internet chat rooms, a missing head, and IZAYAAA!


9Serial Experiments Lain

A weird girl gets invited to some internet thing called The Wired that is run by some asshole that can create real world repercussions, while the weird girl learns how to use The Wired and successfully confuses you.


10Mawaru Penguindrum

Twin brothers try to save their sick sister, who is being kept alive by a penguin hat, by finding some thingy called a “Penguindrum.”


11Humanity Has Declined

Declining birth rates allow fairies to become the dominate race and a sarcastic pink-haired girl has to serve as an arbitrator between humans and fairies.



You die but are given a chance to live if play a game that involves going into different dimensions and killing aliens at seemingly random times.


13Midori Days

A delinquent wants a girlfriend…and his right-hand turns into a mini human girl.


14Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san

A boy meets a guy who fights enemies by unzipping his pants to distract them, then flailing his arms like a madman.


15Sekkou Boys

Idols, but they are Greek works of art.


What anime is impossible for you to describe to friends?

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