13 Weird Weapons That Can Only Exist in Anime

One of the fun things about anime is that it doesn’t have to conform to real world rules. Like, let’s look at some popular weapons that could only exist in anime.


1Rose (Sailor Moon)

Tuxedo Mask has a supply of roses, that when thrown, can pierce anything. Pretty cool, yeah? Too bad he uses these things just so he can give a pep talk to the Senshi before disappearing.Sailor Moon


2Torpedo Tits

Let’s get literal, fam. This is why we have anime.Rosario + VampireSasami-san@GanbaranaiAnime


Let me preface by saying that scythe-type weapons do exist – the Chinese “Ge” and the Japanese “Kusarigama.” They look nothing like the scythes anime popularized.

The ones in anime are larger versions of farming scythes. Normal scythes are heavy and have a sharp curve, which is perfect for cutting wheat, but not that useful when fighting a human. Anime scythes are even bigger and have an exaggerated curve. The users would be better off with a mace.Seraph of the End


4Razor Floss

The favored weapon of assassins has to be the razor floss. This thin material is waved around and has the ability to slice through anything. Too bad that’s not how razor line is used in real combat.

Razor floss is a trap weapon. It can easily decapitate a speeding motorist, or it can be used in trench warfare to slow advancing troops. Sadly, you won’t see anyone swinging this floss around to slay their enemies.Akame ga Kill!


5Bubbles (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure will turn anything into a deadly weapon, but I’m totally biased towards Caesar’s bubbles. Those things would really sting your eyes.JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency


6Saiga’s Camera (Speed Grapher)

Saiga can make anyone explode just by taking their picture. It all works out, trust me.Speed Grapher

7Blood Anything

Just how much blood would you have to lose shooting blood bullets?, How much iron would you need in your body to summon a decent sword? Who cares, at least it looks cool!Beyond the Boundary


8Giant Scissor Blades

The most notable appearances of these things are in Kill la KillAkame ga Kill!, and Gatchaman Crowds. Anime doesn’t care about the killing power of normal scissors, you have to go bigger.Kill la Kill


9The Punisher (Trigun)

It’s a 300 pound, cross shaped gun! The thing has to be unwieldy, but it wins from a design perspective.Trigun


10Panties and Stockings (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

Panties turn to guns and stockings turn to swords.Panty & Stocking with GarterbeltPeyton Manning


11The Spoon (Re:Zero)

A spoon.Re:ZeroSpoon Killer


12Lettustanets (Tokyo Mew Mew)

At least they squirt water at enemies? Tokyo Mew Mew features a lot of mundane objects being used as weapons. It’s pretty impressive.Tokyo Mew Mew


13Phallic Shaped Weapons

These weapons may be real, but they look suspiciously erect when grasped that way…GintamaWeaponsDororon Enma-kun


What are your favorite, weird anime weapons?


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