11 Unfortunate People That Believe Hatsune Miku Is Anime

1. This person that needs to know the truth soon

2. This person that is determined to find this amazing slice of life cartoon movie

3. And the 8 people following this because they really need to know this very important question

Hey at least someone was nice enough to give a proper response

Or Not

4. These ads that aren’t doing much justice to this growing issue

5. This person that really needs to get a new friend soon (try GoBoiano? *shamlesss promotion*)

6. This company that should be shut down immediately

7. These number of searches that show the severity of this economical issue

8. This person that might be the envy of every single person in this article

9. This person that is proud to have extensive knowledge on the Hatsune Miku anime

Too bad this person was a little bit more educated on the topic

10. These popular Ask.com questions that show just how amazing their service is(nt)

11. This person that is determined to get an answer at all cost

Sorry people. But for now this is all she does.


and we love her for it 


Live for the culture. Ride for the culture. Die for the culture.
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